A Love poem

Consoled by you, and thinking of our time,

Although each man becomes an instrument

To other men, and all of us, the same,

Are all inhuman, under punishment,

I don’t resent.

I used to think this house was like a cage

And everyone the same, each in his room

Close, in this overpopulated age;

It hasn’t been a problem since you came

And made a home.

Though all the globe is being colonised

And I am suffocating like the Earth

And all the things I hate are being praised,

When you are with me Earth and me can breathe,

And tell the truth.

Flesh of my flesh, let them doubt Adam and Eve

We laugh and smile when I give you my bone

And naked breasted like those two we live

In moderate paradise, neither alone,

Conjoined in one.

When going home at nights I’m looking forward;

We’ll hold each other close for hours and hours

And talk of trivial stuff and not get bored

Despite the rabble and their social pressures

And worldly powers.

Some days it happens that you’ve had enough,

At times, if at the edge of being mad

I haven’t done what you expect of love,

It doesn’t last for long and we concede,

And kiss in bed.

What’s right for me is: you prepare our tea,

Do women’s things for us around the house,

Things women don’t do in this century,

Like, listen to me tell you I’m the boss;

But we are wise.

I love you for your gentle pliancy

And yet insist that I love God much more

And Him in you is what desires in me.

It’s what sustains us in this vast nightmare

The love we are.

When leaving to go overseas this time

You asked me what I’d get up to at night

As if you saw another in our home;

But you know, I will write or meditate,

And, for you, wait.

Design Jason Powell, 2020.

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