Collection 1

1 The basis of philosophy

2 Two episodes of mental illness and what they mean

3 An episode of physical illness and what it means

4 A short postscript to my book 'War in Iraq – for my Son'

5 On God’s interventions in the physical world

6 Why I am opposed to Black Lives Matter

7 Draft of a READ_ME file for a computerised Priest software

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8 A description of our ethics

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9 TS Eliot and a Note inside the Wasteland

10 Twentieth Century Poetry

11 History, God, and England

12 A dialogue on God's existence

13 A Christian Society

14 The Church in a time of pestilence

15 Education and Dr Thomas Arnold

16 Why I am an Orthodox Christian

17 The Lock Down as a Symptom of Cant

18 Another Idea of a Christian Society

21 How to Pray: an essay

22 A footnote on my essay, how to pray, and other matters

23 Was Jacques Derrida a Leftist and New Man?

24 Further remarks on Derrida

25 Meeting God

26 Appearance and Reality

27 The First Volume of the Philokalia (Faber and Faber)

28 The Son

29 On Meaning and Love

30 On Pacifism

31 Inside the holy of holies

32 Adam and the Garden

33 Wotan

34 Wearing a mask

35 What the Thunder said

36 Imitating Christ

37 Geoffrey Hill

38 The First Rule

39 Preface to a book

40 Postscript to the Preface

41 On the Russkii Mir

Collection 2

42 Spence's Law

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