7 Method of meditation

Meditation should be carried out regularly, and for the sake of tradition, we should call it praying. As regularly as twice per day, if possible: at morning and evening.

It should be in private, in a safe and quiet place. It should last at least twenty minutes.

First, sit; then close the eyes; your hands are resting loosely on your knees. Then speak internally as follows: that you wish no harm but only love to yourself. That you offer only love to those close to you. And the same for your friends and family. The same to those who live in your own country, and in other countries: you offer only love. Finally, you offer love to your enemies, as Christ told us. Without these blessings, you cannot pray.

Now you may speak something like the Jesus Prayer, and watch your mind and listen as you say the words internally. Watch your breathing, and your mind as it wanders. It obviously wanders, but don't chastise yourself or your mind for that. Just go back to the breathing.

When images and words come up, see them and catch them temporarily before moving back to watching the silence of the breathing. Now you may approach the throne room of God, after you have practiced such a devotion of sitting motionless and undistracted for many days, months, years.

It is not the place, now, to ask for favours, to speak to God about your needs. Rather, the true state of meditation is one in which you have left behind this life of yours entirely. To some extent, the one in a state of prayer is already departed from this life.

You will know that you are really praying when you no longer need ask for anything at all, because you are no longer in need of anything: your mind is now being given over to God.

In some circumstances, you may be attacked and physically maimed by the angels guarding the throne room, and again, when you are in a state where your body is no longer of any use, then you have entered the state of being with God.

Now, do not ask, but listen. God speaks. And, if we do ask for something, it is as follows: Thy will be done.

The individual who trusts in God, and loves to go to meet God, will always be protected by Him. There is no pride to be found in the one who prays like this, the justified pride that he has found a relationship with the creator. This is because, he, the individual, should offer what remains of his life on Earth to God, as a servant, and a host for his will. And, in every other person with whom he has dealings when back in life again, later, he recognises not somebody over whom to feel superior, but somebody who is also, knowingly or not, obscurely or brightly illumined, also has this silent and eternal relationship with the creator.

Pray like this daily, or, as often as possible. There is no greater happiness. There is no greater pleasure, even if that is only because if it is done correctly, then any other happiness thereafter seems to be purely temporal, selfish, not essential. We are no longer the kind of person who cares for other types of happiness.

Design Jason Powell, 2020.