On the Morning of Christ's Nativity

Do not hide from me and my mother, we are watching,

Says the Son. Rejoice and see with me, as I am born

A child, a baby, says the son.

Nothing else is going to happen, except I am born,

To watch with you. My mother and I are watching

And know about you.

I am watching says the son.

I can do nothing for you, but I am watching

And with my Father. We see you. What?

A child, a mere baby – do you think

That I can help you out where you have put yourself?

Among the explanations and the cold politeness,

Those awaiting payment, how shall I help or act

On your behalf? You are alone.

Though I made all the world

It was made so that you are free

Though I made all the world

I cannot help you, says the son.

But I can see you, hard done to and hurt, maybe.

We are watching also the mistakes that you made

And your happiness.

The pains or the mental regret

Are tough, but watch yourself and see

How you are to blame; endure and take it.

The baby in the cradle or in his mother’s arms

Will not be so confined and wrapped in cloths forever

And that purest childhood vision, the child’s perception

For what is wrong against you and done to you

Does not go unnoticed, is not forgotten or ignored by me.

Maybe, like a child at play, playing a game

I also am prone one day to be merciless and stern

In some future time. Be consoled in that

The birth of something great and infinite

Starts in the watch and being silent of the child.

From the arms of my mother I can look around and see

And we are watching, surprised and open mouthed

And conscious of what’s going on.

Endure and be consoled. I am born

Like you, says the son.

Even in the indifferent town and when you are confined

In office or in van, when the mortal frame gives way

And is awash with smears of oil and blood,

When you are one and alone amongst the terrors of trial

And process, I know that it is going on.

And feel for you with the violent kindness of the infant.

And the purity of seeing what is right and wrong.

Today, rejoice and know that we are watching

Do not hide yourself,

My Father and me are watching with you

With the eternal squadrons of the six eyed cherubim;

We know what is going on and see the truth

The way a child sees, hopeful, uncompromising

Design Jason Powell, 2022.

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