In grace

Will sorrow and contrition do

As well as work in conscious rhythm

In some technique of breathing slow

To gain me entrance to your room?

I heard it said and I do see

That singing, though it seems an art

The hitchhiker’s sad ecstasy

That singing plays its part.

To find in grace

The two of us.

So what, I’ll stand or sit or lie

In quiet outside in tears and prayers

And watch, forgetful of my pride

And wait empty for hours.

Or make this music and this song

And breathless sing, no memories

Of what confused and made me wrong

Ecstatically rise.

To find in grace

The two of us.

I lasted this long

Too many years

In mucking about and

Without success

I go on nonetheless.

If I said sorry wild and bold

And in this tune, and knocked the door

Then looked with clear mind like a child

So that for once I saw

To find in grace

The two of us.

Design Jason Powell, 2020.

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