Tubular motor garage door controller based around PIC16f193x series With radio Tx/Rx

1. Introduction

1.1 This project has become a finished product, for one reason or another.

1.2 It is not here, on the web, so that a reader may build it for himself; I don't expect somebody to come here looking for a DIY project. Although, I am open to enquiries about the provision of PCB, and full firmware.

1.2.1 Rather, it is here as a bit of a showcase product; something which I have made 'full stack'; something which works perfectly; - finished in every detail for general and CE compliant use.

1.3 Why it is not therefore on general sale as a product in the market.. that is another story.

1.4 Below are:

1.4.1 Photographs of the finished product

1.4.2 Firmware

1.4.3 schematic

1.4.4 PCB and gerber files

1.4.5 Bill of materials

1.4.6 Users manual

1.4.7 Notes on peripheral devices

1.5 I should give a brief description of what this is, provide the materials, and nothing more. Honestly, I can't bring myself to sell the farm for the sake of filling up a web page. All details of the product are to be found in the Users Manual (below). If you examine the code, you will find how it all works as per that manual.

1.5.1 If you have any enquiries about this product, build, or to make orders for parts of completed item, you are welcome to contact me at

1.5.2 The only thing not included in the release available here is the code for the handsets, and their Schematic / PCB / Gerber files. BOM list is available her, however.

1.5.3 Thank you.

2 Firmware

Download the C 1939 Central controller Source files

Download the C LF1936 Receiver controller Source files

3 Schematics

Download the main controller board schematic

Download the receiver board schematic

Download the transmitter board schematic

4 PCB and Gerber files

Download the main controller board pcb view

Download the receiver board pcb view

Download the transmitter board pcb view

Contact me for Gerber files

5 Bill of Materials

Download the main controller enclosure bom

Download the main controller pcb bom

Download the receiver card pcb bom

Download the handset bom

Download the handset pcb bom

6 Users Manual

Download the Users Manual

7 Notes on peripheral devices

7.1 The main control board, shown below, should not be put into the field on a working door unless provided with a door pressure / crushing safety sensor. 7.2 The last photograph below shows a hard wired helical cable attached safety sensor device which I manufactured. The Infra Red decoding takes place on the board and inside the clear enclosure shown. Concealed IR sender and receiver are not visible, but inside the EPDM weatherseal. See project elsewhere in the Technology section of this site. 7.3 A wireless sensor (sans helical cable), using a 3.6v battery, is also available (see this site).

8 Product photographs

PIC24f Computer

PIC24f Computer

PIC24f Computer

PIC24f Computer

PIC24f Computer

PIC24f Computer

PIC24f Computer

PIC24f Computer

9. Copyright, Jason Powell, March 2020

Design Jason Powell, 2020.