The Message

Christ is the grand concept form of all matter

And your brain can contain that godly chatter

It’s almost sexual love to want the dark

Deep in your body where the great mind’s at work.

You are unhappy, subject to despair

But that is natural, come on and hear.

Because you have God’s fire and intellect

You also think your life can be perfect.

I was the same as you, be in no doubt,

And still would be, if I had not dropped out.

Now, thinking you control things, that’s delusion

The grief you feel is part of that confusion.

Sit down in some remote place and feel grief

Retreat and give up, and you’ll find relief.

Go to some place alone and close your eyes

Then concentrate on nothing but your nose.

Give up the streets, good people and all work

And feel the loss of it in total dark.

I feel your general sorrow in your mind

But make it worse, leave all your self behind.

Now sat in silence, weeping and near death

Let all distractions burn, think of your breath.

Go deep inside, as if your body was

A prison of pure mind and there focus.

Naked, stripped down and bare there is existence

Out of the jungle mess, with acceptance

Comes Christ the Tiger, thinking of no other

No sister, father, happy friend or mother.

You miss your children, saying how you love them

But Jesus said you should forget and leave them.

When men like you are riddled with that sin

Then such like sorrow is apt to begin.

Now let the dead whose souls are still erotic -

For people and for things, in love’s demotic -

Go bury their own dead, but you, for real

Go inwards, find the point and make the deal.

The list of problems that you have is long

It starts with money, sex, work, it’s all wrong

There’s not enough, you were born without luck

But what I’m thinking is, who gives a fuck?

If the solution’s easy to apply

You get to live by making yourself die.

There’s poverty, the rich, and world disaster

In global warming that is moving faster.

So sit and let your mind go deep within

To let your human side dissolve to nothing.

Design Jason Powell, 2020.

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